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European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - State aid: Ireland gave illegal tax benefits to Apple worth up to €13 billion

State aid: Ireland gave illegal tax benefits to Apple worth up to €13 billion https://t.co/r0O5fSB2hF https://t.co/lsF…

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Daily chart: Revenge of the nerds | The Economist

Which degrees give the best financial returns? https://t.co/t5Vl05K36V

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Mexico Hedges ’17 Oil Exports at $42 a Barrel Via Puts, Fund - Bloomberg

Mexico Hedges ’17 Oil Exports at $42 a Barrel https://t.co/vSmvFOCEQW

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Trump's new campaign ad relies on tax plans he doesn't support - Business Insider

The economic estimates Trump brags about are bonkers anyway; it doesn't matter that they analyze the wrong tax plan. https://t.…

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Apple Falls After EU Says It Received Illegal State Aid: Chart - Bloomberg

Apple's shares fall after EU rules it received illegal state aid from Ireland https://t.co/33S2lvCZGX https://t.co/9BC5vBWCNz

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New Yorkers Will Pay $56 A Month To Trim A Minute Off Their Commute | FiveThirtyEight

New Yorkers Will Pay $56 A Month To Trim A Minute Off Their Commute https://t.co/94DGjd4RBC https://t.co/Tg820wxn87

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Apple Must Pay Billions for Tax Breaks in Ireland, E.U. Orders - The New York Times

The Apple tax case is framed by the U.S. as Europe discriminating against “our team.” https://t.co/I9Ku7metip https://…

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Anthony Weiner's downfall is a farce and a tragedy.

"It is time to give [Anthony Weiner] the privacy he can’t seem to decide if he actually wants." https://t.co/1wL3plIXMB

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Consumer Optimism About Jobs Just Hit a Post-Crisis High - Bloomberg

Consumer optimism about jobs just hit its highest level since the financial crisis. https://t.co/aXIvQ5OppT https://t.co/aWXx8KW0wb

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Abercrombie Falls After Tourism Pullback Weighs on Results - Bloomberg

Abercrombie shares fall after tourism decline weighs on results https://t.co/8WO9eltA0Y https://t.co/k8tb3amC5D

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Why Ireland Doesn’t Want Apple’s $14.5 Billion in Back Taxes - Bloomberg

Why Ireland doesn’t want Apple’s $14.5 billion in back taxes https://t.co/rGWGojEW0p via @DaraDoy @pfmflan https://t.co/3cnswR…

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New Digital Currency Spikes as Drug Dealers Get More Secrecy - Bloomberg

Forget #Bitcoin, there's a new digital currency in town and drug dealers love it. Meet #Monero https://t.co/rwaBDK3cwx via…

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Free Lunch: Blame politicians, not nature, for earthquake damage - FT.com

You should read @MESandbu on why bad policy is generally to blame for the damage from natural disasters https://t.co/hnReh4HxuE

@M_C_Klein tweeted 4 hours ago

Microwave oven to blame for mystery signal that left astronomers stumped | Science | The Guardian

Before you get excited about that strong signal of alien civilization, remember this: https://t.co/iWaOHXC0fr

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Is Fischer 'Stan the Man' or the 'Odd Stan Out' on Rate Hikes? - Bloomberg

Is Fischer 'Stan the man' or the 'odd Stan out' on rate hikes? https://t.co/pWGwcaGtL3 via @LJKawa https://t.co/5SnVFCYFIB

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Workers All Over America Are Getting a Raise - Bloomberg

Workers All Over America Are Getting a Raise https://t.co/4Vy0WelwnJ reports @_sidverma for @markets

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How Much Has Vanguard Saved Investors? Try $1 Trillion - Bloomberg View

How much has Vanguard saved Investors? Try $1 trillion https://t.co/15D434wwYr via @BV https://t.co/pZJHfHrXwu

@ritholtz tweeted 5 hours ago

Macau’s Economic Contraction Eases as Gambling Slump Abates - Bloomberg

Macau quarterly GDP drop narrows to 7.1% as gaming slump eases https://t.co/UYt0zZPk3V https://t.co/zhDex2jRmY

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European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - Digital Agenda: Commission outlines measures to deliver fast and ultra-fast broadband in Europe

As a hipster, I prefered @jeremycorbyn broadband goals when @EU_Commission launched them in 2010 https://t.co/duL9q3XKZH

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Dollar on Best Winning Streak Since March on Fed Rate-Hike Bets - Bloomberg

Dollar on Best Winning Streak Since March on Fed Rate-Hike Bets https://t.co/VtEtlRo8dp via @markets @LananhTNguyen

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Hillary Clinton Piles Up Research in Bid to Needle Donald Trump at First Debate - The New York Times

I can't remember the last time I've been genuinely interested to see how a debate might play out. https://t.co/TWeKtN0GMM

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Safety No More as Defensive Stocks and Low Volatility Lag: Chart - Bloomberg

Chart of the Day -- has the safety trade peaked? https://t.co/uhfXWyutoo https://t.co/fespVBbg8Y

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Bank of America: These Stocks Will Surge When Millennials Start Making More Money - Bloomberg

BAML did a research piece on how to invest on the rise of millennials. https://t.co/hQ3wI7vEsF

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People Are Being Warned About Scary Clowns Luring Kids Into The Woods - BuzzFeed News


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Anthony Weiner Thinks He’s Pretty Good at Giving Advice - NYTimes.com

Anthony Weiner's answer when @MarkLeibovich asked if he was still sexting: https://t.co/S8yerCs6Vj https://t.co/oBwODpy7…

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