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When Journalists Are Killed, Prosecutions Are Rare - The New York Times

At least 1,195 journalists have been killed on the job since 1992. Most of their killers have gone unpunished. https://t.co/2R…

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Cover Story: Barry Blitt’s “Silly Walk Off a Cliff” - The New Yorker

Killer Monty Python reference https://t.co/AGioCXkD8P https://t.co/7vTqXa9SoN

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5 rituals that will help your brain stay young | World Economic Forum

5 rituals that will help your #brain stay young https://t.co/XV2EEb7FEH #neuroscience https://t.co/vLUY8IHSrX

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When Walt went to China - FT.com

"It is hard to think of two organisations that love synchronised dancing more than Disney & China's communist party" https://t.co/…

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This comment perfectly explains why Brexit has left the UK's young feeling so devastated - Vox

This comment perfectly explains why Brexit has left the UK's young feeling so devastated https://t.co/1iv2hbvy1X via @voxdotcom

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EU Set To Extend Sanctions Against Russia Until 2017

EU set to extend sanctions against Russia until 2017 https://t.co/IEFgtkICpk https://t.co/1N78pCZkd4

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“Bracksies”: how Brexit could wind up not actually happening https://t.co/x2fLuskw3N via @voxdotcom

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Teebs's public profile | Identity | The Guardian

**Must-Read: Teebs**: [Brexit](https://t.co/tKS9N5XYJ9): "If Boris Johnson looked ... https://t.co/Ou80vWvncT

@delong tweeted 6 hours ago

Brexit live: Heidi Alexander first shadow minister to resign after Hilary Benn sacking | Politics | The Guardian

Coup against Corbyn underway. More than half Shadow Cabinet to resign https://t.co/4C6p010UMm

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