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Jane Fawcett, British Decoder Who Helped Doom the Bismarck, Dies at 95 - The New York Times

obit on the Bletchley Park "deb" who helped doom the Bismarck, and then went on to be a singer after the war https://t.co/DSO…

@GTCost retweeted @crampell 5 hours ago

Ex-Citi Trader's Bitcoin Exchange Skirts Currency Curbs - Bloomberg

Ex-Citi Trader Starts Bitcoin Exchange to Entice China Investors https://t.co/hm4INOaFbh @technology @beijingscribe https://t…

@TheStalwart retweeted @pelstrom 8 hours ago

Donald Trump complained crowds for his Lincoln Memorial speech weren't as big as Martin Luther King Jr.'s — Quartz

Donald Trump complained crowds for his Lincoln Memorial speech weren’t as big as MLK’s https://t.co/kQO5Gm8knM

@GTCost retweeted @qz 5 hours ago

Where More Women Are on Boards, Executive Pay Is Higher - The New York Times

Does putting more women on corporate boards increase income inequality? https://t.co/4kPZGlYqxG https://t.co/uue1nLzQyw

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Donald Trump's wild idea about dealing with debt may be here sooner than you'd think

My weekend read on central bank money printing - good sometimes, but hope politicians don't see it as a free lunch https:/…

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More than 700 migrants feared dead in three Mediterranean sinkings | World news | The Guardian

"Bodies floating in the sea." Upsetting eyewitness account of the deadliest wk in the Mediterranean for over a year ht…

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